Give Gifts for Life

Have you ever given a gift just for the sake of giving something on a certain occasion? It didn’t really amount to much, but was just a token, since “they invited us so we have to bring something.” As I got older (and older) I realized that much of my giving was just something for the here and now, as nice as it may be, but how long was it to last?
This Christmas the Outreach Commission encourages our church family to participate in Gifts for Life, an Episcopal Relief and Development program. This wonderful program provides gifts that will help people in undeveloped countries become self-sufficient.

There are many ways to support these struggling people around the world.

Our first wish is to provide them with access to clean water, $215 for a family. Many children die each year from drinking contaminated water.

Secondly, animals such as goats, $80 each, provide them with cheese and milk. This not only sustains them, but enables them to sell or trade for other items.

Thirdly, chickens, $135 for a flock of 12, provide food and are a great source of much needed protein,

Any amount given can be a share of any of these. Please help us reach our goal, which is to provide two of each item. What a wonderful Christmas gift, Gifts for Life!

This is just one of the many ways we can change the way we look at Christmas gift giving. We will accept contributions through December 15. Use the One Percent Outreach envelopes found in the narthex. All contributions received in these envelopes the first three Sundays of December will go to the Gifts for Life program. If you care to give a gift in someone’s name you will receive an acknowledgement card before Christmas. Please help us to help where there is so much need. If you have any questions please call me at 492-1724.

In the love and service of Jesus,
Marilyn McClure
Outreach Director


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