st alban banner 2

With Jesus Christ as our Lord, we are called to strengthen our commitment to one another and the world through prayer, worship, fellowship, and by reaching out to others.

We call upon the Holy Spirit to guide us in this mission.

Welcome to St. Alban’s Episcopal Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The people of Saint Alban’s hope God is calling you to explore your faith life with us. Our webpage is designed to help you get to know us and more importantly to know of our deep commitment to serving our Lord Jesus Christ. All we do is to praise and glorify God. On this website you will find out about many of our programs, read our recent newsletters and announcements, see wonderful photos, and discover a little about our history. I hope you gain a sense that we are very welcoming and care deeply about sharing God’s love in the world. Above all else I hope our webpage inspires you to come and join us! May God bless you and keep you.

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