Saint Alban’s has many outreach projects grounded in Christ’s love:

  1. Our Food Bank.  We do a great job of distributing food to those in need.  Our Food Bank is wonderful and it helps so many in our community.  Many people support our food bank ministry with donations of food and money.  There is a basket in the narthex every week where people can drop off food.  In addition, our Church School children have periodic food drives.
  2. Matthew 25.  Every loose quarter that is put in the alms plate on Sunday goes to a ministry here in Fort Wayne called Matthew 25.  Matthew 25 is a health/dental clinic that assists many who otherwise could not acquire such services.
  3. Rescue Mission. The men’s group gather once a month to serve dinner at the Rescue Mission. The mission is a shelter and temporary home for the homeless. There are short and long term programs for those recovering from addictions. We also provide monetary support several times a year.
  4. Hope for His Children Orphanage in Honduras. We send financial support for the care and education of orphaned and abused children, we have had two parishioners visit on mission trip.
  5. Medina Village School in Sierra Leone, West Africa. We  provide financial support several times a year special projects such as , a well for clean water, lighting, and a clinic. we have committed to support one student for a year. The school was started by a resident and teacher of Fort Wayne who is from Medina Village.
  6. Heart and Hands.  A knitting and sewing group that provide hats and scarfs for the needy, Their special project is making blankets of all sizes for the Parkview children’s hospital and the NICU.
  7. Gifts for Life Project. Every other year we challenge ourselves with the Gifts for Life project through Episcopal Relief and Development to under developed countries . We raise money to provided Clean Water projects , goats for milk, chickens for eggs and food. It  is done through the Advent Season.
  8. Camp New Happenings.   We offer a diocesan camp for children of incarcerated parents.  We provide funds and our priest Dan Layden is the coordinator and chaplain.
  9. Free Lunch program for Children. For the months of June and July we serve free lunch for children from ages 1-18. The food is prepared and packaged from the Fort Wayne Community School Nutrition Center.
  10. Outreach Envelopes.  There are envelopes in the narthex for contributions to our Outreach Fund.

Needless to say we here at Saint Alban’s do many things to help spread God’s love.

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