Saint Alban’s has many outreach projects grounded in Christ’s love:

  1. Our Food Bank.  We do a great job of distributing food to those in need.  Our Food Bank is wonderful and it helps so many in our community.  Many people support our food bank ministry with donations of food and money.  There is a basket in the narthex every week where people can drop off food.  In addition, our Church School children have periodic food drives.
  2. Matthew 25.  Every loose quarter that is put in the alms plate on Sunday goes to a ministry here in Fort Wayne called Matthew 25.  Matthew 25 is a health/dental clinic that assists many who otherwise could not acquire such services.
  3. Our congregation also often helps out groups like the Fort Wayne Rescue Mission and Charis house for homeless men, women and children, and Camp New Happenings. We support Hope of Jesus Children’s home in Honduras. Missionaries provide housing, education and love to ophans and abuse children.
  4. Oureach envelopes.  There are envelopes in the narthex for contributions to our Outreach Fund.

Needless to say we here at Saint Alban’s do many things to help spread God’s love.


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