Weekly Announcements, June 30

ONE YEAR BIBLE STUDY meets at 9:15 a.m. next Sunday.

FATHER LAYDEN will be the chaplain this week at Camp New Happenings, a camp sponsored by our diocese for young children whose parents have been incarcerated.  For pastoral emergencies you may reach him at 579-5555.

THE DIOCESAN HIGH SCHOOL CAMP begins today.  Please keep the camp program and our attendee, Emma Irvine, in your prayers, also those who will be assisting with camp, Vicki Irvine, Melissa Renner, Cindy Spice, Megan Spice and Janine Steinbrunner.

OUR NEW WEBSITE   The switch to our new web site, designed by Melissa Renner, will be made tomorrow.  We thank God for Melissa’s enthusiasm and knowledge in this area.  The new address is http://saintalbanfw.org

FRIENDS IN FAITH meet weekly at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday mornings to study the readings for the upcoming Sundays.  Please note that Wednesday worship services will not be held in July.

DEDICATION OF THE TWO NEW GARDENS on the east side of the church will be held following the 10:15 service next Sunday.  These beautiful gardens were funded by money given in loving memory of Lynne Kurtz and John Williams.  Please join us and the Kurtz and Williams families for this special dedication.

THE LUNCH BUNCH will meet at Noon on Tuesday, July 9, at The Busy Brush Gallery and Café, 214 W 6th St, Auburn.  A car pool will leave the church at 11:30.  Please sign the poster in the narthex.  If you need to cancel your reservation, contact Anita at 348-1170 or 341-4057.

A MEMORIAL SERVICE for Father Lloyd Johnson will be held at 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, July 13, followed by a dinner.  Janie Johnson will be our special guest that day as we give thanks to God for her husband and his ministry here.  Please sign the poster in the narthex if you plan to attend.

A TINCAPS EVENING for St. Alban’s will be held on Saturday, August 3, at 7:05 p.m.  This is a fireworks night and should be a fun event.  Now is the time to start talking to friends and family about joining us for a night of baseball at Fort Wayne’s beautiful Parkview Field.  Watch for more details.

DO YOU SHOP AT KROGER’S OR SCOTT’S?  If so, there is a very simple way to provide funds for St. Alban’s.  Simply sign the poster on the bulletin board indicating that you would like to purchase a $5 gift card.  Then reload that card at the customer service desk at the store where you shop.  Each time the St. Alban’s account reaches $1,000, we get a 3% rebate check.  Many of you have credit cards which generate points for you.  If you reload using your credit card, you get points for that and the church gets credit for the reload amount.  In 2009 we received $936 from this program.  Last year we received $346.

FOOD BANK  Thanks to all our folks who help with this effort.  Please think of the pantry if you have an extra 2½ hours a month. We can use fruit juice, pancake mix, pancake syrup, cereal, crackers, spaghetti sauce, spaghetti, chicken and beef broth, soup (not chicken noodle), laundry detergent, dish washing liquid, bar soap and paper towels.

THE VESTRY IS LOOKING FOR A NEW DIRECTOR OF WORSHIP to serve until January 2015.  Please speak with Fr. Layden if interested.  A Vestry member must be 18 or older, a confirmed member of St. Alban’s, a communicant in good standing and a contributor of record for six months.

Please remember in prayer: Nancy Ashley, Sally Ault, Bob Beaty, Trudy Bixler, Jack Boyd, Kathy Bromley, Dick Camp, Loretta Curtis, Andrew Davis, John Diver, Phyllis Doyle, Vickie Faux, Marion Frid, Kevin Gearhart, Jeanne Hahn, Bruce Heine, Macy Hubley, Shirley Johnson, Larry Link, Pat MacWhorter, Reggie McMahan, Clarence Middleton, Derek Palmer, Diane Phelps, Sandra Rademaker, John Renner, Nan Schanhals, Cheryleen Sievers, Cindy Spice, Rick Spice,  Rita Townsend, Bill Townsend, Jim Trueblood, John Williams Military: Jacob Almonrode, Som Amphonephong, Justin Dixon, Jeremy Faux, Becky James, Mark James, Mark Kerr, Eric Lamberty, Logan Miller, Christopher Ray, Kyle Strong, Ty Sumner, Rob Tuttle.

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