Weekly Announcements, September 20

WELCOME. We want to welcome any and all visitors with us today. If you would like to make yourself known to us, then please fill out a blue card found in your pews and place it in the alms plate when that is passed. Please also join us for fellowship after the service in the parish hall which is to your right as you exit the sanctuary.

OUR FOOD PANTRY has been wonderfully staffed in the past, but due to various reasons we have lost a few people. If you have 2 1/2 hours a month to help serve those in need, please call Marilyn McClure

Vincent House will meet at 5:30 this Thursday.

CHURCH CLEANING IS SCHEDULED FOR THIS WEEK. Every other week the cleaning crew works to keep our Lord’s house in good order. Cleaning may be done on your own schedule any time during the week. If you would like to be responsible for cleaning a small area of the church, contact George Shamp.

PLEASE NOTE: New address for John and Phyllis Diver is Golden Years Homestead, located at 3136 Goeglein Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46815 Magnolia Manor, Apt D2.

DON’T MISS THIS FUN EVENT! A wiener roast and Chili Cook Off will be held at 4:30 on October 3 at the home of Marilyn Rafter. We will provide hot dogs, buns, chips, beverages plus the making for s’mores. Please sign the poster in the narthex indicating what dish you will bring to share. For directions, please call Marilyn at 437-6146.

ATTENDANCE last Sunday was 80.

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