Announcements July 22



 LONDON PILGRIMAGE.  The London Pilgrimage to the original Saint Alban’s and London, will take place this Monday July 23 to Monday July 30th.  Please pray for Saint Alban’s cathedral.  Please also keep the pilgrims: Dan +, Lydia Layden, Cindy Spice, Abbie Gillig, Vicki Irvine, Claire Irvine, David Birchfield, Neal Birchfield, Elaine Fazzaro, Ani Fazzaro, Julie Zeider, Jaelyn Pontius, Julie Naunas, Kate Naunas, John Naunas, Sam Naunas, Megan Spice-Frede, and Robbie Frede in your prayers.  Dan + will be preaching at Saint Alban’s Cathedral when they visit there on July 29th.  Bishop Sparks will be our guest Celebrant and Preacher here on July 29th.

DAN’S + SABBATICAL IN AUGUST.  During the month of August, Dan+ will be on sabbatical.  Sunday August 5th and 19th we will welcome the Reverend Kathy Thomas (retired rector of Grace) to preach and celebrate.  On Sunday August 12th and 26th Deacon Sandy will lead us through morning  prayer and preach.  Pastoral coverage will be handled by the clergy of Trinity.  Deacon Gordon Samra, Reverend Paul Grieve, and Reverend T.J. Freeman will be on call for any emergency pastoral concerns.  If you  are in need of pastoral care during this time, then please contact Debbie  in the office (485-8022), Senior Warden Cindy Spice (348-7061), or Junior Warden John Lorenzen (452-7927), and they will know how to find a  clergy person to help.

 NEWSLETTER ASSEMBLY is this Thursday.

 WOMEN’S BIBLE AND STUDY will meet this Thursday at 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. at the home of Marilyn McClure.

 RESCUE MISSION is at 4:30 this Thursday.

 CARE CONNECTIONS On the bulletin board, in the Narthex, is a signup sheet for those needing a ride to church events.  If you need a ride, please fill in your name, event, address, and phone number.  If you can offer a ride, please contact the person in need.

 ATTENDANCE for last Sunday was 80.

 REMEMBER IN PRAYER Terry Babcock, Dan Camp, Dick Camp, James Connelly,  Mary Ann Clemmer, Rachel Diver, Dick Donnelly, Colin English, Fr. Marcus Cunningham, Susie Foley, Chris Foreman, Denise Frede, Tammy Gillig, Glen & Carolyn Grate, Debbie & Cassie Grosjean, Lori Hibbard, Scott Jessup, Shirley Johnson, Mary Lansford, Kisandra Lowery, Pat MacWhorter, Phil Mayer Sr., Alicia McLimans, Debbie Nolan, Michelle Nolan, Larry Sanxter, Larry Shaw, Cindy Spice, Rick Spice, AltaLee Stellhorn, Carol Sumney, Sandra Svensen,  Bill & Carolyn Townsend, Carlen Trujillo.

 For those unable to worship with us:  Ed Brackmann, John Diver, Sr.  Frances Krauskopf, Tom Kurtz, Carol Newell, Gene Pettibone, and Paul Wiseheart.

 Military: Kaylee Collins, Sean Collins, Daxton Demorest, Jeremy Faux, Dylan Frick, Adam Johns, Eric Lamberty, Matthew Michael, Jamie Stooky, Ty Sumner

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