Service Announcements

Due to COVID-19, Saint Albans Fort Wayne has suspended all services and in-person activities until further notice.

However you may visit The Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana for updates within the Diocese and the leadership in our Diocese has also put together a list of daily prayer services for everyone in our faith communities. During this trying time it is extremely important for all of us to hang on to our faith. Since we are unable to worship together in person these different services will allow us to worship together virtually. They are still working on adding a few more service opportunities and we will send those out when we have them. Continue to stay safe and remember to pray for all affected by COVID-19.

View Virtual Worship Schedule & Links

Screen Shot 2020-03-22 at 5.12.49 PM.png

We will continue to keep you informed on any other on-line services and resources that we can moving forward.


St. Alban’s Fort Wayne

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