September 12, 2020

Beginning this coming Sunday September 13, 2020 we will begin live streaming Morning Prayer Service from Saint Alban’s on our very own YouTube channel! Morning Prayer will begin at 9:30am.  Since Allen County is in the color Orange in regard to Covid numbers we are able to have a few people in the building to preform the service but unfortunately no more than that. We are very excited about being able to stream from the building and hopefully this will give some of you a little comfort to be able to see our Sanctuary. We will of course be following all of the guidelines set forth by the Diocese so that everyone stays safe. With this technology we plan to continue live streaming the services even after we are able to worship in person so that anyone that isn’t able to come may still be able to follow along with our church services. 

Saint Alban’s YouTube Channel

There will be a virtual coffee hour on zoom after the service for anyone that wants to check in and chat with everyone. If you would like to join us for Zoom coffee hour contact us at:

We will post the recorded service on our Facebook page and it will be archived on our YouTube channel, so if you are unable to attend during the service time you can always watch at a time that is convenient to you.

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