Bible Challenge

From the Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana’s website:

The Bible Challenge: Letters of Encouragement

In his 2012 Convention Address, Bishop Little encouraged the entire diocese to join him in reading the Bible from cover to cover, from Genesis to Revelation, in 2013.  His reason was simple.  Episcopalians are not famous for their biblical knowledge.  While we hear a good deal of the Bible in church – almost the entire New Testament and large chunks of the Old, in a three-year cycle – the fact is that oral reading alone doesn’t seem to give us a working knowledge of the scriptures.  And yet the Bible is basic spiritual equipment for Christians.  How do we hear Jesus’ call?  The starting point is the Bible.  How do we discern our mission?  The starting point is the Bible.  How do we determine our priorities?  The starting point is the Bible.  If Episcopalians are to be effective, disciple-making Christians, we must first and foremost be biblical Christians.

The Diocese of Northern Indiana will be taking up the Bible Challenge again in 2015 with dioceses across the country using the schedule outlined by the Center for Biblical Studies. Those wishing to receive the weekly schedule via email may subscribe here. You may also download the schedule in its entirety. The readings appear on a Google calendar which you can copy to your own calendar.

The author of the Bible Challenge, Rev. Mark Zabriskie of St. Thomas’ Church, Whitemarsh, Fort Washington, PA, has tips for individuals taking the Bible Challenge, including:

  • initial thought about reading the Bible
  • Which translation of the Bible should I read?
  • Reading with children and reading for teenagers
  • How do you recommend that I begin reading the Bible?
  • Team strength and reaching out for support in reading the Bible
  • Let the Center for Biblical Studies support you
  • Life after The Bible Challenge

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