Sunday School

Christian Formation at Saint Alban’s Episcopal Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana

2021-2022 School Year

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Almighty God, heavenly Father, you have blessed us with the joy and care of children: Give us calm strength and patient wisdom as we bring them up, that we may teach them to love whatever is just and true and good, following the example of our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen. Prayer for the Care of Children BCP p. 829

Christian Formation at Saint Alban’s involves the following:

Sunday “Church School”     Starts at 9:30am every Sunday. There are no Sunday’s off except for Easter, Christmas, and New Year’s day as they all fall on Sunday’s this year. There will be two classes this year, a K to grade 4 class, and a grade 5 to grade 8 class. The Children begin in the Narthex and process into church behind the children’s cross. They then proceed downstairs for the lesson which lasts approximately 45 minutes. They return to church at the time of the Peace and receive Holy Communion. This year’s curriculum is based on the weekly readings. Each week has a different theme based on the lessons from the Bible about Jesus and from the Old Testament. It is a wonderful curriculum and has many options for fun and learning. Some Sundays we will have a time of sharing with the whole congregation after they come up to worship. Church School lasts from September 11th through May 21st.

Chapel.      This year we are excited to have a chapel service for all the children. The chapel service will be held downstairs in the Good Shepherd Chapel on every first Sunday of the month. The children will learn about worship in this time.

Teachers    This year we have another great group of teachers: Melissa Townsend, Erin Layden, John Lorenzen, Christina Connelly, Amanda Fazzaro, and Julie Naunas. Megan Spice is the Vestry director for Christian Formation and “Church School” leader. If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to ask Megan.

Events      Church School involves much more than class activity. We have four Sunday school food collections for our food bank. Saint Alban’s puts together a pamphlet to guide families for devotions around an Advent Wreath. The Christmas Pageant at our Christmas Eve service retelling the birth of Christ is a wonderful experience every year. Our Saint Nicholas Party is filled with much fun and learning. During Lent we encourage youngsters to learn about the Widow’s Mite (she gave all she had) and collect coins in a Mite Box, with contributions given to a local charity.

During Holy Week, parents are encouraged to bring their children to one of the Stations of the Cross services and other Holy week activities are being planned.

Communion Celebration classes are held in the Spring for those who want to start taking Holy Communion or for those who already do and would like to celebrate this special relationship with God. A Communion Celebration service will be held the following Sunday after the classes have concluded.

Diocesan Camp for grades 3 to 9 is June 12 to the 17, information will be made available around February.

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