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stained glassWho do you help? For whom do you sacrifice? June 22nd is always an important date for us here at Saint Alban’s, the reason being that this is Saint Alban’s feast day. Saint Alban is a wonderful patron saint for a church to have.

Saint Alban truly knew the meaning of the word sacrifice. Many years ago Alban was a soldier in the Roman army serving in England. It was during a time of persecution for Christians. Now Alban was not a Christian, but his life was about to change. As the story goes, a priest came to his door and Alban helped hide him. The priest prayed and showed Alban the Christian life. When the authorities came looking for the priest, Alban switched clothes with him and had the priest slip out the back. When he found out, the local governor was so upset that he had Alban put to death.  Read more…

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