Thinking ahead to Johnny Appleseed

erinmarilynjaLast weekend we began planning this year’s Johnny Appleseed festival booth where we will once again sell our famous Sizzle Chops!  Festival-goers love our sweet, grilled pork chops and apple cider.  During Johnny Appleseed, we volunteer to help prepare, cook and sell our delicious pork chops, while dressed in period garb.

Many volunteers helped at the event last year and we had a fantastic time!  Those of us who had never volunteered before left the weekend feeling like we had a new family. We  giggled about dressing up like pioneers, shrieked as pork chops caught on fire, and cheered as Dick Camp hawked the chops as the crowd strolled by.  “Come get your Sizzle Chops!  Twenty-five years we’ve been doing this!”  and then five minutes later,  “Come get your Sizzle Chops!  Thirty years we’ve been doing this!”

The Johnny Appleseed Sizzle Chop booth is an opportunity for fun, fellowship, and fundraising which brings us all together as a community, and gives back to the greater community. Plan to join us the weekend of September 21-22 for a fun weekend!

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