St. Alban’s at Johnny Appleseed

erinmarilynjaThis weekend, the St. Alban’s family will once again host the Sizzle Chop booth at Fort Wayne’s Johnny Appleseed Festival!  Thousands of visitors come to the Johnny Appleseed festival each September to hear historic music, enjoy the cooler temperatures, and sample tasty food, especially St. Alban’s sizzle chops!  We marinate pork chops in our special apple cider marinade, then grill them over an open pit until they are sizzling and ready to eat.  We will also be selling cold and hot cider, as well as bottles of water.  Our bottles of water cost $1.00, while most other vendors charge $2.00.

We come together to run the Sizzle Chop booth not as a fundraiser, but for fellowship.  Everyone usually has a great time (unless they catch fire) and we do it every year.  As Dick Camp called out to passersby last year, “25 years we’ve been doing this!”

So come get your sizzle chops while they’re hot!  See you at Johnny Appleseed!

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