Announcements 8-7


FATHER DAN will be out of commission from July 26 through September 1st. Father Dan will be having surgery in early August and plan to be out for a month.  Fortunately, Reverend Betty Frolick has agreed to cover the Sunday services and any pastoral concerns or funerals that may arise in this time. You can contact her at 493-0701.  You can also get a hold of the church office and Debbie will get a hold of her, or you can contact our Senior warden Julie Zeider at 637-4707 as well.  

THERE IS $3837.00 LEFT TO PAY OFF THE ROOF PROJECT.  At this point we are paying back the money we borrowed from our endowment fund.

THE LUNCH BUNCH will meet this Tuesday at, Cranberry Cottage Cafe, Auburn IN at noon. Carpool will leave the church at 11:25 a.m.  Please sign the poster in the narthex If you need a ride or need to cancel your reservation, contact Anita at 449-9682.

JOHNNY APPLESEED there will be a committee meeting at 9:15 a.m. on August 14

MEN’S NIGHT OUT will meet Thursday, August 11 at El Azteca 535 East State Blvd.

FRIENDS IN FAITH meet at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesdays.

HEART AND HANDS meets at 10:00 on Fridays.

MEN’S BIBLE STUDY meets at 10:00 a.m. on Saturdays.

THE ORDER OF THE DAUGHTERS OF THE KING:  We will be conducting a three-month preparation study sometime in September for any women in our church who might be interested in learning what we are all about. The National Study Guide is designed to help women prayerfully discern a call to become a member of The Order of the Daughters of the King and can also serve as a review for current members of the Order if they choose to.  It is our hope that the study will develop and strengthen your relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Please contact one of the following if you have an interest or any questions.  Thank you.

President – Bonnie Camp (637-2160)

Treasurer – Anita Grams (449-9682)

Devotions Chair – Elaine Fazzaro (471-7940)

OUTREACH will meet on Friday, August 12 at 11:30.  

BISHOP SPARKS VISIT A carry in is planned on Sunday August 28th. St. Alban’s will supply the refreshments.  A  sign-up sheet has been posted in the narthex. Contact Mary Ann Krocker if you have any questions.

ATTENDANCE last Sunday was 55

REMEMBER IN PRAYER Paul Barker, Ed Brackmann, Chase Berry, Peggy Brandes, , Donna Daniel, John and Phyllis Diver Dick Donnelly, Susie Foley, Denise Frede, Father Mike Fulk, Tammy Gillig, Glen Grate, Shirley Johnson, Evelyn Jones, Patricia Kerlin, Tom and June Lorenzen, Pat MacWhorter, Deb McMahan, Don Mefford, Catherine Michael, Cameron O’Neal, Derek Palmer, Rev. Sandy Ritchie, Tara Ruff, Deb Rutt, Kent Scholz, Tom Shadid, Larry Shaw, Cindy Spice, Rick Spice, Bill Townsend, Jim Trueblood, Wesley Stath-Tracy, Paul Wisehart.  

Military: Kaylee Collins, Sean Collins, Daxton Demorest, Jeremy Faux, Dylan Frick, Adam Johns, Eric Lamberty, Ty Sumner

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