Announcements July 2


 FOURTH OF JULY this Monday and Tuesday the office will be closed and reopen on Wednesday.  Have a safe and fun holiday.

YOUTH CHOIR will practice today at 11:30.

OIW committee will meet today at 12:00.

EVENING PRAYER will be today at 5:30 p.m.

WARDEN’S meeting this Thursday at 7:00 p.m.

MEN’S NIGHT OUT will meet this Thursday at 6:30 p.m.  Location TBD.

PRAY FOR GEORGE SHAMP AND HONDURAS MISSION TRIP.  On Wednesday June 28th George Shamp will join Michael Marcks, Byron Evans, Deborah Mendenhall, Star Thompson, Alice Taylor, Tim Skimina and Bob Cantor from the Diocese on a Mission Trip to Honduras. George and the others will be working with the people of San Jose de la Montana in San Pedro Sula.  Pray for safety and God’s guidance and love.

To my friends at St. Alban’s thank you so much for your prayers and generous donations.  The children of the orphanage at Honduras will be blessed with hours of enjoyment from the soccer and basketballs.  God’s blessing to you all.  George.

OUTREACH MEETING on Wednesday, July 12.

CAMP NEW HAPPENINGS…  From Sunday afternoon July 23 until Saturday July 29th, Father Layden will be the chaplain at Camp New happenings.  Camp New Happenings is a special camp sponsored by the Diocese for younger children who have one or more parent who has been incarcerated.  The children come from all over Northern Indiana.  The goal is to spread the love of God and offer a camping experience to children who otherwise face many obstacles in life.

DONATIONS TO TREASURE HOUSE:  tell them you are from St. Alban’s Episcopal Church.  .  The church will be given a voucher based on a percentage of donations given which will be sent out quarterly.  Treasure House is a ministry of the rescue mission and is located on Coldwater Road next Walmart.

Attendance for last Sunday was 70.

 REMEMBER IN PRAYER Clara, Melissa, Laurel Adams, Carolyn Anthony, Peggy Brandes, Christy Carr, Mary Ann Clemmer, Andrew Davis, John Diver, Dick Donnelly  Susie Foley, Chris Foreman, Ian Fox, Denise Frede, Tammy Gillig, Glen Grate, Michael Grosjean, John Heim, Tim & Patty Kerlin, Tom Kurtz, Art Longecore, Deb McMahan and Bruce Aulick, Don Mefford, Catherine Michael, Debbie Nolan, Michelle Nolan, Carol Postel, Doris Sanxter, Tom Shadid, Larry Shaw, Cindy Spice, Rick Spice, Wesley Stath-Tracy, Carolyn Townsend, Paul Wiseheart.

Military: Kaylee Collins, Sean Collins, Daxton Demorest, Jeremy Faux, Dylan Frick, Adam Johns, Eric Lamberty, Matthew Michael, Ty Sumner






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